Searching for phpLdapAdmin

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Searching for phpLdapAdmin

Hi Sleepy!
I'm going through the New Dev Announcements at, and see one from you that didn't make it into the How-to Classification last april.


The entry at

links to a forum entry

which links here

is this still the rpm? We can howto as:
"rpm -Uvh /path/to/download/location/rpmname.rpm"

Is there any description of the rpm that you would like me to add?


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Searching for phpLdapAdmin

Hello Ronm,

It's perfect to me.
You can add a link to the homepage of phpldapadmin


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Searching for phpLdapAdmin

Oops, I wasn't looking in the right spot...

Last April, Ian Wells made a page for it here:

Just for a test I added a new plugin "WikiBlog" to the feedback page - see how you like it!

Migration writed for RonM

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