re: [contribs-devinfo] should we have a manual "on board" ?

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re: [contribs-devinfo] should we have a manual "on board" ?

[code=htmlmail,user=gordon rowell]Jean-Philippe PIALASSE wrote:
> [...]
> But now the reflexion is : is this possible to do such thing with the
> online ressource or is this kind of help need an onboard version?

The problem here is ensuring that the links don't get out of sync
between the server and the web site pointed to. That's actually quite a
hard problem, as it basically it means once you've used a URL you can't
change it until all servers have been upgraded. And unfortunately, that
means effectively forever.

This is easier to control/test if the manual RPM is part of the set of
packages shipped to the server.
But I still think the effort is better directed to improving the content
of the manual and the content, look, feel and navigation on the web site.


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