re: [devinfo] [cvs rpms] remove hard coded php-bcmath dependencie

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re: [devinfo] [cvs rpms] remove hard coded php-bcmath dependencie

[code=htmlmail,user=jonathan martens]On 3-3-2009 12:08, Daniel Berteaud wrote:
> If it's working correctly, the best would be to make a conditionnal
> dependencie:
> if php>= 5, then, require php-bcmath
> if php >
> Do you know if it's possible to do so ?

No that is not possible AFAIK and not desirable as well:
PHP4 is for RHEL 4.x and hence CentOS 4.x and therefore SME Server 7.x.
PHP5 is for RHEL 5.x and hence CentOS 5.x and therefore SME Server 8.x.

As contribs are only build for SME Server 7.x you should only have PHP4.
You can fix this issue by requiring a maximum version of
smeserver-release/e-smith-release (not sure what the package is called
as I am writing this from the top of my head) of 7.x like this:

Require: e-smith-release

A requirement for php 4 would do as well off course:

Require: php

Contribs for SME Server 8 will only be built after we have the first
release candidate.

Kind regards,


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