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re: [devinfo] treasurer (was re: action)

[code=htmlmail,user=peter walter]Darrell May wrote:
> Let me try to kick start leadership discussions. Finances are a noted
> concern. To take care of this concern we need someone to volunteer to
> act as our Treasurer. It _may_ be beneficial if this person lived in
> the USA, or even better the state of Colorado, due to our existing
> registered corporation. Discussions? Thoughts?
I think it should be clear that the position of Treasurer is an interim
position until the governance issues are worked through. The person
should be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident, and, of course, reside
within the USA. I don't think the person needs to be resident in
Colorado. I do think it would be useful, but not absolutely necessary,
for the person to be near Shad, who I understand is the primary user of
the corporate funds at this time. An accounting background would also be
nice to have, although anyone who can balance a checkbook would probably

If there is anyone reading this list who would like to volunteer, please
speak up here, or contact Darrell directly at


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