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re: [devinfo] project management (was treasurer)

[code=htmlmail,user=darrell may]> Treasurer: Darrell, are you willing to take on the roll of interim
> treasurer for the project? In the short term, this roll doesn't need to
> take on anything more than you've defined for it, which is reporting on
> the state of the SME Server, Inc. accounts.

Yes. I have publicly stated I will take on the roll of interim
treasurer for the project until we can elect an;

American citizen
living in Colorado
that understands basic bookkeeping Smile

I am working with Garret right now on the interim transition. Garret
and I are working very well together. I hope to report back on or
before the end of the month with those details that can be made public.


Just a reminder I will be attending a conference May 11-18 so will be
somewhat offline for the next week.

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