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re: [devinfo] project management (was treasurer)

[code=htmlmail,user=i wells]Darrell May wrote:
>> Treasurer: Darrell, are you willing to take on the roll of interim
>> treasurer for the project? In the short term, this roll doesn't need to
>> take on anything more than you've defined for it, which is reporting on
>> the state of the SME Server, Inc. accounts.
> Yes. I have publicly stated I will take on the roll of interim
> treasurer for the project...
Thanks Darrell,
it is good to see a long-standing member of the community step up.

Just one clarification, your last public comment on this list was
"I'll just act as the intermediary filter"
rather than volunteering as the (interim) treasurer. Was there some
other agreement?

However I am glad that you will do this, and in no way doubt that you'll
handle this well.


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