[devinfo] getting ready for next 8.0beta iso

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[devinfo] getting ready for next 8.0beta iso

[code=htmlmail,user="shad l (dot) lords"]Is anyone aware of installer related bugs/issues that should be addressed
while I'm looking at putting together the next 8.0beta ISO? The few that
I'm aware of so far are:

- Update ISO to COS 5.3 packages [SME: 5094]
- Update to use newer anaconda [SME: 5165]
- RAID doesn't install correctly [SME: 4958]
- Traceback if no disks found [SME: 2532]
- Show message that no disks found [SME: 5236]
- First boot shows /proc already mounted [SME: 4112]

Are there any others that should be looked at right now?

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